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Our Vision

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"I believe that a focus on unlearning will create new spaces for rethinking everything we have been taught and for moving beyond our fear and scarcity-driven mindsets." - Manish Jain

What We're Creating 

A place for young people to practice self-directed education. A space for families striving for liberation to be in joyful community. A community for those that have suffered the most at the hands of the school system, historically and presently.

 Safer Community 

Our vision is to be a transformative community that centers Oakland's BIPOC community and systemically disadvantaged communities based on race, socioeconomic conditions, religion, age, ability, sexual orientation, and gender identity.


 Self-Directed Education 

We are a community of learners in which the learners have the freedom and responsibility to direct their own activities and education.

We practice autonomy, but value community. We practice freedom, but with an understanding of responsibility. 

 Collective Liberation 

We use our practices of Self-Directed Education to disrupt all forms of oppression as we build our path toward individual and collective liberation. We deconstruct systems of oppression, learn from the wisdom and practices of our ancestors, and create new ways forward.


We understand "to be" is to be in relationship. We try our best to understand, respect and care for ourselves, for each other, for the wider community, and for Mother Earth and all her beings.

 The Village 

All community members, from children to facilitators, parents, and adult non-parent members, are actively engaged in Self-Directed Education and support the young people in their own unique ways.

We are a village that is collectively supporting the upbringing of our young people. 

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